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Star Trek the Motion Picture was the first full-length Star Trek movie to come out. In what year was it released?

Answer: 1979. The film reunited the original Star Trek crew and began a whole new era of Star Trek fans.

An alien vessel is approaching earth. On its way, it encounters a number of Klingon vessels. How many Klingon battle cruisers does the alien destroy?

Answer: Three. The alien is some sort of cloud. The Klingons shoot at it but there are no signs that it is affected in any way.

In the Star Trek movie there is a new navigator on the bridge of the Enterprise. She is a bald officer named Lt. Ilia. What planet is she from?

Answer: Delta IV. Persis Khambatta, who was crowned Miss India in 1965, plays her role.

There is an unfortunate accident in the transporter room before the Enterprise even leaves dry dock. Two of the crew are killed; one of them is a Vulcan science officer. What is his name?

Answer: Sonak. Spock then arrives to take his place as the new science officer on the up-dated Enterprise.

The Enterprise is in dry-dock being re-fitted with all kinds of new equipment. She also has a new captain. Who is the new Captain of the Enterprise?

Answer: Captain Decker. Admiral Kirk takes command of the refitted Enterprise when the Earth is threatened by the approach of the strange alien cloud.

At the beginning of the film Spock is on Vulcan participating in a special Vulcan ceremony. What is he doing?

Answer: He is trying to achieve Kohlinahr. It is the state where a Vulcan purges all his emotions. trekking in india

Star Trek movies have featured many different directors. Who was given the honor of directing the first full-length Star Trek movie?

Answer: Robert Wise. Robert Wise has directed for over forty years. Among his more famous movies are “The Sound of Music” and “Audrey Rose”.

Gene Rodenberry fell in love with the theme music from the movie. What other project did he decide to use it for?

Answer: He used part of the score for the theme to Star Trek Next Generation.

When the movie came out it was nominated for a number of Oscars. How many nominations did it get?

Answer: Three. Nominated for best music score, best art/set decoration and best visual effects.

One of the best-known quotes from this movie is, “It is life Captain but not life as we know it.” Which character says this famous line?


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